24-hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, AmeriCare’s team of experienced healthcare professionals help to protect over 1.2 million people spanning approximately 1200 square miles by working with fire rescue departments and police departments as backup emergency medical services to ensure the residences receive the right service with the highest level of patient care.

Disaster Response
AmeriCare Ambulance is proud to be a part of the Hillsborough County Strike Team. This team is responsible for responding to disasters and assisting local, state and federal agencies when overburdened by any event. AmeriCare maintains equipment and resources prepositioned in our response areas for quick deployment in times of disaster.

Advanced Life Support & Basic Life Support Transports
AmeriCare’s ALS specialty units are equipped as emergency rooms on wheels. The personnel and equipment can stabilize patients prior to arrival at hospital Emergency Departments or trauma centers. When you have patients who need a medical professional to transport them safely, our ALS team members can provide this service.

The BLS units are resourced by team members who are trained to provide continuous medical supervision or monitoring. The teams are medically trained technicians who can quickly assess patients’ needs as well as help stabilize patients in emergency situations.

Bariatric Transports
Utilizing Stryker’s Power Load System, AmeriCare is able to provide some of the most advanced technology and state of the art equipment for patients weighing 350lbs up to 1600 lbs. These modified specially equipped ambulances provide for a safe transport, loading and unloading of patients and personnel. Also, designed for non-bariatric patients who require a larger stretcher for medical interventions such as traction.

AmeriCare provides a wide variety of emergency, non-emergency, non-medical, community event safety services, and critical medical services to the Hillsborough County area. Our highly trained and expert staff ensure the highest level of care and understanding – no matter the situation.

911 Emergency Backup Service for Fire Rescue and Police Departments

Specialty Care / Critical Care Transport
AmeriCare’s Specialty & Critical Care Transport units are designed to transport patients that require vent services, NICU teams with neonatal patients and pediatric intensive care patients. These specialty ambulances ensure patients receive nonstop care and monitoring from trained medical professionals.

Medical Standby Events
Over the past 20 years AmeriCare has become well known for providing indispensable standby EMS services for major events including but not limited to 5k's/marathons, football games, MMA fights, professional bull riding events and even attending Great American Teach-Ins to shape the minds of youth on what a rewarding career field this is.

AmeriCare’s staff is readily available to treat an abundance of issues that may occur, simple cuts to head injuries. Our staff displays the highest in professional standards and is quintessential to ensure your next event runs smoothly.

Quality Care With Skill and Compassion

Our Services

Please contact AmeriCare for a transportation quote. We’ll help to determine the most appropriate mode of transportation with competitive scheduling and rates. Medical standby service quotes are available as well.

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